We are a professional ship agency company specialized in providing
support for the fleets crossing the North Atlantic and to the ships and
yachts calling our ports in the Azores islands


We are privileged to have an extrodinary team trained in 
providing bespoke services dedicated to your unique requirements,
with services to support/facilitate passenger activities and 
provide a smooth operations during your next port of call.


Our ship chandlery division is a major player in the Azores,
providing fresh goods and tools/equipment, with immediate/flexible
order fulfilment and delivery, dedicated to supporting the needs of


Our yachting agency has many years of experience operating in 
Azores ports (especially in the ports of Horta and Ponta Delgada),
and are familiar with the needs of trans-Atlantic pleasure craft.


Our courier service, initiated in the 1970's, is one of the 
oldest and more reputable services operating in the Azores. 
Why are we successful?
Because we strive for 100% Customer Satisfaction!

Our Company & Mission

We are primarily a professional shipping agency and logistics company in
the Azores Islands with a rich history in the support of ships that cross the
North Atlantic.

With our origins as a ship agency, we have expanded into correlated
businesses including forwarding, logistics, and ship chandlery, providing a
one-stop shop for all the needs of the ships we service.

Our company, which serves our principals in all of the Azores Islands, was
founded in 1950 by Coronellius Maria Johannes Rieff and has since become
one of the major players in our region in the fields of port operations, ship
agency, and logistics.

This growth is based on strong principles of honesty, professionalism,
integrity, and efficiency.

Due to the Dutch heritage of our founder and his connections to Northern
Europe, the first liner services from that region to the Azores emerged soon
after our inception.

This liner service, which ran for almost 40 years, was for a while the sole
regular international maritime route to the Azores, which had a significant
impact on the growth of the business.

Due to its importance as a marine link for the local Azorean traders, our
agency developed a strong corporate reputation in our islands.

CMJ Rieff & Sons, Ltd. is proud to continue to build on our founder's unique
vision and strong principles while maintaining long-term relationships with
many of the leading names in the shipping industry.

CMJ Rieff: The preferred Shipping Agency in the Azores, since the1960's

Our Services

We are your Port Agent and Chandlery Service in the Portuguese Atlantic islands of the Azores

Our shipping and forwarding expertise is built on our skilled and devoted staff, who are dedicated to providing our customers with 100% Satisfaction!
Our exceptional cruise ship support team are ready to provide onshore assistance to scheduled or transient vessels docking in Azorean ports.
Cruise Agency
Whether international or inter-island shipping, our team has the equipment, partnerships and supports to provide effective assistance at your port of call.
Shipping Agency
With many years handling trans-Atlantic yachts, our team is familiar with the requests, special needs and exacting standards of our visitors.
Yacht Agency
Committed to the highest standard of quality, our Chandlery team provides fresh produce and provisions with flexible/attentive scheduling/service.
Ship Chandler